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The many faces of Jake.

24 January 1989
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Blah, blah. I'm 17, play guitar, bass and piano, and w/e.. Not in the mood to do this thing.


Driveway Patrol
acoustic guitars, alternative rock, amplifiers, art, art tatum, bach, back to the future, band, bands, bass, beards, beer, beethoven, berlioz, blue, bob dylan, bob marley, brahms, cameras, candy, cds, chopin, classic rock, classical, composing, computers, counter-strike, cute girls, dancing, david gilmour, debussy, digital cameras, digital photography, digital video, downloading, driving, dvds, eating, elton john, eric clapton, evil, expression, eyes, fender, food, free love, freedom, friends, gibson, gipsy kings, girls, graphic arts, graphic design, green, guitar, guitar magazines, gum, hacky-sack, hippies, hyperness, ipods, jazz, jet, jethro tull, jimi hendrix, jimmy page, joe satriani, john coltrane, john lennon, katie, king crimson, led zeppelin, life, listening, listening to music, lost prophets, loving, lucifer, lyrics, macromedia, mahavishnu orchestra, mall, metallica, miles davis, movies, mozart, mp3, mp3s, music, music recording, music videos, musicals, my camera, photography, photoshop, piano, pictures, pink floyd, playing guitar, poems, progressive rock, queen, ray charles, recording, rick wakeman, rock, roger waters, rolling stones, santana, saturdays, sex, sleeping, soda, songs, south park, starbursts, stevie wonder, strokes, subway, sun ra, swimming, syd barrett, taking pictures, the 60's, the 70's, the band, the beatles, the cure, the darkness, the eagles, the kinks, the mars volta, the simpsons, the who, tight pants, tight t-shirts, tv, weekends, working out, writing, yes, yngwie malmsteen