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[26 Jan 2010|08:14pm]
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[09 Jan 2010|01:05pm]
hello 2010. new year. new decade. new people. (old people, too, of course).

hello 2010. hello 21 (and hello vegas).
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[26 Sep 2009|01:49pm]
im sorry but america has no hope
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[26 Jul 2009|01:02pm]
kid cudi tonight.

+asher roth.

time to party. again.
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[21 Jul 2009|03:13pm]
this is excellent

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[17 Jul 2009|12:03pm]
planet rock
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[14 Jul 2009|10:06am]
party all day, then party all night.

my dads birthday was on sunday and we had all of his friends over. i partied with mikael and stuff.

it was pretty funny cuz the next morning my stomach kind of was uneasy and i couldn't sleep so i made myself throw up and then i felt better. but my throw up was like black and i got startled. then i remembered all the coke from the night before. and i was like ohh. then later on i saw a bowl of all the blueberries i was snacking on throughout the day and i was like OHHhh.

good times.

im hoping to go to san francy with nancy in two weeks time. but if its gonna be hot its like growl ya know.
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[05 Jul 2009|10:50am]

wow genius song/video or what?
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[04 Jul 2009|12:19pm]
july 4th

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[28 Jun 2009|11:43am]
RIP Ed, Farrah, Michael and Billy.
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[27 Jun 2009|10:14pm]


beautiful. who else is excited for the next 50 years?
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[24 Jun 2009|03:23pm]
Summer is now in full swing with mostly everyone back even though the people I've been seeing the last week or two haven't been from HTH. haha.

Started working at HTH in the mornings. I'm working half-days from 8-12 so I can wake up early and not waste my mornings sleeping in. Plus it gives me a little pocket change for gas and everyday food and stuff so I can just save my drafting money.

Nobody really around to hang out with. Dylan's here but he lives in Pasadena and I dunno he's being elusive. Then again what would we do anyway haha.

Hopefully I'll see Jack and Mike more often when Jack gets back. Nancy and I adopted a kitty it's cute. She named it Beau (bo). Like French.

So yeah, it's high times right now. Living it up. A couple of friends and I from school are looking for an architecture competition to do. Found a few cool ones.

I'm glad that in general I have been doing a lot of things. I started a small herb garden with Star. Right now we have planted a bunch of arugala, basil, and some chives. Although I don't know if the chives are going to work out because it might be too hot. we also planted a bunch of mini-sunflowers (about 18-24 inches tall at full length). Hopefully once I get the hang of this I can grow some more useful herbs. :) But yeah, it's pretty cool especially when we saw the first tiny leaf pop out from under the soil. It's almost like giving life. I feel like god! now i just need to inflict disease and pain on them and you may give me your souls. haha. not really.

Other than that, been doing some smaller art projects and I'm in the long and arduous process of writing an album. But I'm writing an album full of things that I'm trying for the first time so it's really exciting. Exploring genres that I have never touched.

I'm glad Nancy and I are friends again because no matter what we can always have a good time doing anything. We've been playing tennis here and there, watching movies, you know same old fun stuff that you do over the summer. Yeah and playing with Beau a lot. One of the cutest cats I've ever seen.

I have not gone to the beach yet really and I'm kind of sour about that. Then again, the weather just got warm like last week so I'll start doing that too.

Let's see here. Maybe I'll post up some pictures of my plantss.
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[07 Jun 2009|04:35pm]
i need to find some friends. this summer hasn't been that interesting in that department lol.
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[05 Jun 2009|09:14am]


to be listened to loudly on a kickass system with a sub.
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[04 Jun 2009|11:12pm]
i was working on a remix of a song for a competition the last couple of days. i finished it and i'm so glad it's done but i learned so much in the process. i'm realllly excited to develop my own music for the rest of the summer and work on a set of 5 or 6 songs to hopefully perform next year at school.

its been a pretty chill summer so far. not much has happened and i miss partying at school with jack and alain and stuff but its okay all in good time.
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[26 May 2009|09:47pm]
sup bitches
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[20 May 2009|02:49pm]
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! [20 May 2009|10:23am]
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[12 May 2009|11:35pm]
Born to do it
Even though my friends lookin at me like who knew it/
Run to it
The goods just picked thy new n**ga
Feel cats talkin like who n**ga/
Is he
Where did he come from CL
My mom prayed for me on my journey/
Treat me like ane alien something like sigourney/
Live through the game for the fame and the gurney/
Tried to put me on the pedestal
Hoes treated me like who are you
Now I get to choose like you and her too/
I just like girls not whores
But I have a chill time make smores/
Bit if I wanna plow somethibg like a snowblower/
I can work that ass like a wprkout plan
And then I holler at fam/
Talkin bout ye dime c jigga man/
Been represent since I met quince/ and I get style tips from my homeboy vin and/
Com is the homie
Really doe is the homie
GLC is the homie
And big shawn what up gwan/
I go monkeypaw on the record and they think I’m cuckoo/
n***as is soundin dated like they recorded in fubu/
Most n***as will quote you play scrabble with your words man/
Till you see them at your shows is my dick that they blow man/
I would sit up some nights and think about my own place/
Probably cause I took so many blunts of cush
To the face/
My bad thoughts I can’t eraase
Or eat what’s on thew devils plate/
I just tell the devil wait
Cause murder will not be the case/
In london with hudson
And them girls want some cuttin
I’m with him so I’m cool/
Plus my face on the telly/
But I’m pissed at the moment
I got charged for some roamin/
At and t is on bullshit man I wish they’d stop frontin/
But when I roll back to brooklyn/
Hit the store for a dutchie
I say homie keep rappin
I say homie its nothin/
This is
Dream on/
Now when I roll back to cleveland/
hit the store for a phillie/
n***as tell me keep rappin
Cause them young n***as feel me/
Hear me
Hah hem/
Hear me
Yep yep/
Hear me
Yep yep yep/
Hear me
Hear me/
When I roll out to cali
Hit the store for a swisha/
n***as tell me keep rappin
I say homie I get ya/
Hear me
Hear me/

-freestyle 09, kid cudi.
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[29 Apr 2009|03:30pm]
Earlier this month, four Pirate Bay visionaries were given harsh fines and jail sentences. Their only crime: creating the largest, free, uncensored, versatile file sharing platform on the Internet. Soon after, Taiwan passed 3-strikes legislation for copyright violations. The recording industry is no longer targeting pirates - they are actually trying to hijack the very fabric of the Internet.

The apparent strategy:

1. Outlaw file sharing
2. Outlaw personal encryption and anonymization services
3. Set up a global, privately-run Internet surveillance program to spy on everybody all the time without a warrant — run by ISPs and paid for by the taxpayers
4. And finally, get the authority to block anyone from the Internet entirely, without the involvement of police, courts or any verifiable trail of evidence

We can not let this happen.

“It is poor civic hygiene to install technologies that could someday facilitate a police state.” - Bruce Schneier

One of the main reasons why the recording industry are currently succeeding in this hostile takeover of the Internet, is that most people simply don’t understand what file sharing is, or why it matters to them in the first place. Whenever civil liberties are sacrificed, it is always on the bonfire of ignorance. We need to educate the world - neighbors, parents, judges and lawmakers - as to why the Internet must remain free, neutral, and uncensored.

It sometimes helps to explain that a file sharing technology like Bittorrent is the digital society’s equivalent of the wheel. It allows fast and easy transportation of data between users and businesses alike. But like the wheel, file sharing needs a stable, flat surface to perform at its best. In this analogy, The Pirate Bay is nothing short of the largest, best maintained, and most stable network of such ‘digital roads’ in the world. And it’s free to use for anyone, at any time, for any purpose.

Naturally, as is always the case where people congregate in a free society, some of the people who drive their wheeled carts on this network of roads will be carrying things in their carts of questionable quality, purpose or origin. In any system or society that is based on freedom rather than censorship or distrust, there is no question that individual transgressions can take place. This is the most basic cost of liberty.

As a digital society in its teens, we have yet to realize the enormous potential of file sharing in culture, education, knowledge sharing, and business. But already, we are seeing massive opposition against it from the likes of IFPI, the RIAA and the MPAA. This opposition, of course, stems from some of the aforementioned wheeled carts transporting ‘questionable goods’, in the form of copyrighted material.

The ensuing battle has been disguised as a legal matter concerning rights holders and ‘pirates’, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. It is true that the recording industry wants to stop criminals, but they are attempting to prohibit the wheel and all building of roads to pull it off. These lawyers are prepared to sacrifice our liberties, our privacy and our digital freedom in order to reach their goal. It is a grossly disproportionate and misdirected attack, and it has already begun: Once the verdict of the Spectrial was in, the Swedish anti-piracy office immediately began issuing legal threats against other file sharing networks. They are bulldozing every street and burning every car to prevent any possible (mis)use of the wheel. And worse yet - we are letting it happen.

The case of The Pirate Bay was not a case of artists vs. freeloaders, or even the recording industry vs. pirates. There were no artists on the accusing side, nor were there any pirates on the defending side. It was, and is, a case of misguided frustration by industry executives and lawyers, directed not against the actual violators of copyright law, but against the most outspoken proponents and enablers of a fundmental digital technology. A technology that allows fast and easy transportation af data - all data - between users and businesses alike.

We must never blame the network for the actions of individuals. Both rights holders and lawmakers must respect the fundamental principle of personal, individual responsibility. Let each peer be responsible for his own actions, just as every driver is liable for his own car.

The Pirate Bay is not illegal. File sharing is not illegal. Using file sharing for illegal purposes is illegal. The difference may be subtle to a layman, but in legal terms, the distinction is clear as day. The fact that the judges in the Pirate Bay case failed to recognize this, is a judicial travesty bordering on flat out corruption.

It cannot be stressed enough: this is not a question of copyright, of music, or of piracy. This is a question of a private organization now aiming to subvert several of the most important digital inventions since the World Wide Web, and our judges and politicians turning a blind eye in a staggering display of ignorance and corruption. This fight is about much more than The Pirate Bay. When our liberties are taken from us, we must rise, united in one voice, and fight for them.

It is a fight for basic digital liberties. It is a fight for our right to privacy. It is a fight for net neutrality. There is no getting around it. This is the fight of our generation, and it is too important to lose.

This is a guest post by Jens Roland. Jens is a computer scientist by training, but a technology forecaster by trade. He has worked at international think tanks as a consultant and researcher in emerging technologies and has written more than 300 articles and a book on the subject.

Post from: TorrentFreak
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